Houston homeowners demand property tax reform

Hearing held Tuesday for property owners unhappy with high taxes

HOUSTON – Hundreds of Houstonians spoke out against the burden of property taxes Tuesday at a hearing for property tax relief in front of the Senate Select Committee at the University of Houston. They want to let senators know enough is enough.

"I hope this is not just a meeting where people can come up here and blow off like a pressure cooker," homeowner, Kenneth Williams said. "These guys need to hear us and do something about it, this is ridiculous."


Most homeowners know when property values go up, property taxes do too. In the past three years, Harris County has seen a 43% tax levy increase-- 26 percent in Fort Bend, and 15 percent in Galveston County.

Some homeowners demand reform when it comes to loopholes in the system that they say are bulldozing homeowners.

"It has allowed large commercial interest and wealthy property owners to have their values dumbed down systemically year after year and as a result homeowners are being forced to pick up the tab," homeowner Aaron Layman said.

Some pointed out the need for the tax money, money that does a lot for the area that many are not considering.

"We need to think about what does that actually pay for, do we want quality schools, do we want to fix pot holes do we want the fire department to show up at our house when its burning down?" says Tiffany Hogue of the Texas Organizing Project.

Senator Paul Bettencourt said the committee will look at ways to reduce increases.

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