Beyonce's Houston concert prompts police protest event

HOUSTON – Fans packed Beyonce's sold-out concert at NRG Stadium on Saturday.

"She's absolutely amazing. I feel like she's the epitome of woman. She's so powerful," said Dusty Short.

But the concert also came with controversy after her recent Super Bowl performance.

A mile away local police officers shined a thin blue light at the stadium as they protested her silently.

"We don't want for anyone to attack law enforcement in general. We think the one video she did for Super Bowl 50 encouraged that manner," said Tony Ragsdale with Cops Local 911.

On the other hand, some of Beyonce's supporters - including the Black Panthers - stood outside the stadium with their own message.

"She's basically expressing herself, as an artist, nothing more. She wasn't asking for the killing or the beheading of the police. She wasn't asking for any violence. She wasn't promoting violence," said Vincent Dickson with The New Black Panther Party.