Two dead after car pins sewage worker against his own work truck

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – A car crash shut down part of the southbound 59 feeder road near FM 1314 Tuesday afternoon. Investigators say a man doing work on the sewer was killed when the driver of a silver car slammed into him. The driver of the car was also killed.

"Witnesses stated the sewer worker was behind the pump truck cleaning the lines," said Erik Burse with the Texas Highway Patrol. “Another vehicle disregarded the cones and struck the victim, pinning him against the pump truck.”

The man’s brother was also out doing work on the sewers. He reportedly got into a pickup truck and rammed the side of the silver car in an attempt to move it and free his brother, who had become pinned. Sadly, his efforts did not work.

Family members confirmed to KPRC that the driver of the silver car was Stanley Vandenberg, who went by “Van.”

His son said he is mourning the loss of his father but also feels terrible for the other man’s family because he knows they are grieving, too.

“When you see traffic cones, when you see these signs, decrease your speed,” Burse said. “Pay attention to your surroundings, change lanes safely when you can and keep your speed down until you pass the construction zone or the workers.”