Story takes new twist after teen's body found in Shoreacres

HOUSTON – Abigail English led a troubled life. At age 15, she had spent most of it in foster care in California.

When she was finally reunited with her biological family in Shoreacres last year, friends say the relationship remained rocky.

She lived with her maternal grandmother in Shore Acres. When Abigail disappeared March 22, her grandmother reported she had run away.

Three weeks later, concerned that no one seemed to be looking for her, Abigail's teachers at La Porte High School called Texas EquuSearch for help

“We'd gone to the police station, we'd talked to grandma, just a dead end. There just wasn't anything else being done as far as we could see," said Love Tay, school psychologist.

On Saturday, EquuSearch volunteers found human remains believed to be Abigail's near her grandmother's home. As yet there has been no positive identification or ruling as to how she died.

But EquuSearch Director Tim Miller is moving to ensure she won't be as alone in death as she seemed to be in life.

Abigail's mother has given Miller permission to bury her next to his daughter, Laura, in Dickinson.

Laura Miller disappeared in 1984 and was found murdered 17 months later. After her death, Miller devoted his life to finding other parents missing children.

But he felt a connection with the girl it seems no one wanted. A bond with him, and his lost girl.

"Laura disappeared also and they said she was a runaway and we couldn't get any help. Her name was never in (the) news or on TV until her body was found 17 months later. I remember the helpless hopeless feeling. Yes, it touched me." Miller said.

Miller says Abigail's legal custodian is currently the state of California. He has obtained permission from the girl's mother to bury her next to his daughter in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Dickinson. He says he expects California officials will agree to it as well as soon as details are worked out.

Miller will attend  a candlelight vigil for Abigail English Tuesday evening organized by Shoreacre Alderwoman Nancy Janosky Schnell. It will be held at 7:30 p.m. at Baywood and Westview where her body was found. 

"This vigil will occur on what would have been Abby's 16th birthday." Schnell said. "Abigail was failed by everyone that should have protected her and 'the system' at large. As a community Shore Acres has adopted Abby as one of our own. In death, Abby deserves better than she received her short life."