Houston man captures photo of eerie ghost figure at Stanley Hotel

Photo courtesy Henry Yau
Photo courtesy Henry Yau

ESTES PARK, CO – A photo of what appears to be a person standing at the top of the stairs of a hotel has us asking, "Is that a ghost?"

Children's Museum of Houston Public Relations and Promotions Director Henry Yau is visiting Colorado and wanted to check out the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park after hearing that it inspired author Stephen King to write "The Shining." Yau told KPRC 2 that he used the panoramic feature on his cellphone to capture a photo of the grand stairwell in the lobby.

He said he doesn't usually like people in his shots, so that's why he took the photo when he did.

"When I took it, I didn't notice anything," Yau said.

Now here comes the spooky part of the story. When he looked at the photo the next morning, he noticed a figure at the top of the stairs.

Yau posted the photo on Facebook with a red circle around the figure with the caption:

"By golly! I think I may have captured a #ghost at #StanleyHotel. #EstesPark."

A quick Google search pulled up "Stanley Hotel haunted."