Need a medical test? Any Lab Test Now has you covered

HOUSTON – You’ve just been told you need a medical test. Not exactly something you want to get excited about. Now, along with all the needles, the anxiety, and everything else, comes the cost. What are you going to have to pay?

Cary Burns runs a large child care academy in Houston and has battled Graves’ disease most of her life. So, she requires frequent lab tests throughout the year. She used to pay a doctor’s office close to $300 for those tests. She required the tests four times a year, for a total cost of roughly $1,200 per year. But, then she discovered a place called Any Lab Test Now. “It’s a lot cheaper for me this way. It’s $79 to get a test vs. the $300 I paid a physician’s office to do it. And, I get the results back within 24 hours,” says Cary Burns.

At Any Lab Test Now, you never need an appointment.  You can walk right in and have any one of more than 8,000 tests done.  Most importantly, you pay for your test in advance so you know exactly what the total cost will be before you have the test.  “The price of our cholesterol test is $49. If you were to go through a physician’s office, you could possibly pay $49 for that test, or you could potentially pay three to four times more,” says Terri McCulloch with Any Lab Test Now.

Channel 2 News has put together some sample prices for our viewers.

For example, a complete blood count (CBC) test, which gives a snapshot of your overall health, costs $49 at Any Lab Test Now.

A thyroid panel to check thyroid levels costs $79.

A hemoglobin test, a standard test for diabetics, costs $49.

And, a basic STD panel to check for a variety of sexually-transmitted diseases costs $159.

As for Cary, she’s been using Any Lab Test Now for three years and says she’s never had a problem with any of her testing. Most importantly, she says she is saving on average about $1,000 every year.

If you would like to check the price list for Any Lab Test Now, here's a link to their website