Man caught after shooting ex-wife in face, killing her, officials say

NORTH HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A man homicide detectives say had repeatedly abused his ex-wife in the past has been caught and arrested after officials say he shot his ex-wife multiple times in her own home and left her on the garage floor, where she died.

“Apparently he showed up here today and observed his ex-wife with a boyfriend. The boyfriend was allowed to leave, but the ex-husband stayed and engaged in an argument with the wife, an argument that escalated into gunfire”, says Deputy Chief Wally Wieghat of the Harris County Precinct 4 Constables Office.

Precinct 4 Constables were called to the home of Monique Philio, in the 21300 block of Maple Harvest Road in north Harris County just after 11:30 a.m.

Neighbor and good friend to Monique, Kesha King says she heard roughly eight gunshots and ran to Monique’s garage to help.

“I was pumping her chest, I didn’t do mouth to mouth, but we kept pumping her chest to keep her heart going”, King says.

Emergency crews arrived and started CPR on the woman as well, but she did not make it.

As for her ex-husband, Reginald Philio was taken into custody by Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies about three hours after the shooting.

Detectives say he was found simply standing on the driveway at his house next to his truck, almost as if he was waiting to be arrested.

Homicide detectives say he gave up without any struggle whatsoever.

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