New video shows machete-wielding man shot, killed by deputy

Houston – KPRC 2 News has obtained new video of the moments a machete-wielding man confronted deputies and was later fatally shot.

The man who shot the video said shouts from the parking lot and several police cars drew his attention. The video gives us the clearest pictures yet of how long police worked to get this man under control before shots were fired.

It happened Tuesday morning when a Harris County Precinct 6 deputy constable was called to the 3200 block of Telephone Road.

Police said the man seen in the video waving the machete over his head was angry when he missed his chance to buy a ticket for a bus trip. He at first confronts deputy constables with Precinct 6. They try to calm him down., but it doesn't work. The man with the machete then tries to steal one of their patrol cars by smashing a window and trying to grab keys from a deputy constable.

Several minutes pass and the deputies, with guns now drawn, keep talking to him as he moves around the parking lot, still clutching the machete. At one point he kneels down next to a truck and pokes at one of the tires. Officers inch closer, but then he stands up and becomes increasingly aggressive.

HPD officers arrive as the man starts pointing and marching towards the deputy constables. The man and officers then disappear behind some cars.

You can't see what happens next, but the crowd gathered around the bus lot clearly heard the shots.

Police said the shots were fired after the man swung at officers with the machete and a Taser didn't stop him. He died in the parking lot.

Investigators said the man does have family in the Houston area, but his name has not yet been released.

The Houston Police Department sent out a statement saying:

"Constable Heliodoro “Henry” Martinez would like to commend his officers for demonstrating quick and professional action during this tense situation, which saved an HPD officer’s life.  His department will be cooperating with HPD Homicide and the District Attorney’s Office."