Man with 3 wives arrested for bigamy

Steven Rembert failed to divorce first 2 wives

(Orange County Jail)
(Orange County Jail)

ORLANDO, Fla. – Steven Rembert apparently enjoyed getting married; unfortunately, it was the divorces that he didn't seem to care for.

Now Rembert has been charged with bigamy after authorities found that he had married his third wife without divorcing the prior two wives.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Rembert's cover was blown thanks to a simple Facebook post.

Follow along, if you can.

Rembert married Evondria Marshay Bryan-Rembert in March 2006.  

Just five years later he tied the knot with Frances Rembert, without ever notifying Evondria.

Rembert and Frances split in 2015 after she returned home from the hospital after falling ill.  Frances told Orange County Sheriff's deputies that she moved out when Rembert wasn't as friendly to her upon her return.

After Frances' departure, Rembert began dating Takesha Stephens, a family friend who was treated "as though she was their daughter," the Orlando Sentinel claims was in the report.

It all came to a head when Frances was told that Stephens had changed her name to "Mrs. Rembert" on her Facebook page.

It seems that Rembert was married to all three women at the same time and that's bigamy.  Rembert, who is a registered sex offender, was arrested on Feb. 3.