Parking garage collapses onto excavator during demolition in Upper Kirby area

HOUSTON – A parking garage demolition went wrong Tuesday as the building collapsed onto an excavator in the Upper Kirby area.

The project started a couple of weeks ago near Kirby and Highway 59. The incident was caught on video by Andrew Grizzle and posted to YouTube.

In the video, two excavators are operating at the construction site when the five-story structure falls forward. The debris barely misses the man operating one of the excavators.

The entire area is covered in dust as crews rush forward to check on their co-worker. Amazingly he walked away unscathed.

After the collapse, crews went back to work clearing away the debris and the man at the controls did not want to talk about his close call.

The company is the same one that demolished the Astrodome's columns and ramps. We spoke with an official from the Cherry Companies and he said the crews planned to bring down the wall Tuesday, but it came down faster than anticipated.

There was no specific explanation as to why the wall came down faster than expected, but company officials said the operator and the machine are OK.

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