Channel 2 employee finds owl on train tracks in Rice University area

HOUSTON – An injured screech owl is in the care of a local wildlife center after a KPRC 2 employee found him on the train tracks in the Rice University area.

KPRC 2 sales manager Susan Miller was walking her dog Wednesday morning in the Rice University area with her husband. They spotted the owl nestled against the train tracks.

She said she didn't want to pick it up with her bare hands, so went to the house to grab some gloves. Miller put the owl in a small basket and brought it to work.

Miller contacted the Wildlife Center of Texas, where veterinarians examined the owl and performed a radiograph. They determined that he had suffered a fracture. They gave the owl pain medication and stabilized him.

Video of the owl posted on the KPRC 2 Facebook page generated a lot of interest and concern for the owl, so we are happy to say that he is in good hands.

"Thanks to Susan at KPRC, this owl is feeling much better and is on his way to recovery," Wildlife Center of Texas Executive Director Sharon Schmalz said.

Visit the Wildlife Center of Texas website or Facebook page to learn more about the organization's work.