Teen stabbing victim's mother denies satanic ritual claims

HOUSTON – Several neighbors said the person who killed Ryan Roberts, 16, practiced satanic rituals in an abandoned house on St Augustine in southeast Houston.

Roberts' mother is denying that story.

"It was not a satanic ritual. He killed my child out of pure anger," Christina Roberts said.

Police said they expect to have an arrest within the next couple of days, but they only said there is a person of interest in the homicide case.

Ryan Roberts was stabbed multiple times and left for dead near the 610 overpass off Holmes Road, police said.  The boy's mother said she called Texas Equusearch, and they found the body Tuesday morning.

Tuesday night, Christina Roberts said she got a surprise visit from the person of interest's mother.

"Last night, his mother came here, and she sends her condolences to me but also said her son needs to pay for what he did to my child," Roberts said.

A neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymous, said his and Ryan Roberts' good friend was the one who did it. The neighbor says he was reluctant come forward, but his conscience got the better of him

"I feel better that I said something about it than just holding it in," the neighbor said.

He added that he, too, heard about a satanic ritual from his friend.

"Bro kept saying he wasn't himself. He kept saying he sold his soul. He told me some crazy stuff, stuff that didn't even make sense," the neighbor recalled.

As friends and classmates came by the Roberts' apartment to drop off gifts of love, there was a noticeable somber mood today at Jefferson Davis High School where Ryan Roberts attended.

"I feel it impacted you even if you really didn't know the person. Just because so many people did, and it was important, because that's a person's life," said Mirna Murillo, a classmate of Ryan Roberts.

The school district released a written statement, "This is an incredibly sad day for Lee High School, Davis High School and all of HISD. We extend our deepest sympathies to each student’s family and friends, as well as to both school communities."

Wednesday night, Jefferson Davis High School held a wrestling match and all the proceeds will be going towards the Roberts family.