Horse owners on edge after several animals are stolen

WALLER COUNTY, Texas – A horse has been reported missing from a ranch near Brookshire and now the horse's owner wants to warn others.  Michelle Moffitt believes someone stole her beloved, 5-year-old horse named Bullseye, right off her property in the middle of the night. 

She says the horse didn't wander off because the area is secured and fenced and only a human could operate the gate. 

"I believe someone drove up here," Moffitt said. "I think they surveilled our ranch, they took a look at our place and found an animal they wanted to take." 

Moffitt reported her missing horse to the Waller County Sheriff's Office and to Stolen Horses International, Inc.  They operate a website and are known as a resource for lost, stolen or missing equines.  The organization noticed a trend. In the past few weeks several horses had been reported missing not too far from where Moffitt lives, including one horse from Cypress.  According to that owner, the 14-year-old horse was taken from a barn at about 10 p.m. on Jan. 5.  They obtained grainy surveillance video that they believe shows a truck and horse trailer coming onto their property. 

Moffitt believes this is the work of several people who are luring these animals onto trailers and then driving off. She wants to get the word out and let other horse owners know this is happening. 

"Lock up your gates, bring your animals close to your house," she said. "These people appear to be coming in at night and doing surveillance and they know what they are doing."

If you have a missing horse you are encouraged to contact your local law enforcement and also Stolen Horses International.  A report can be filed at