Texas Tech student from Pearland stabbed, killed outside bar in Lubbock

PEARLAND, Texas – A Texas Tech student from Pearland was stabbed to death during a fight outside a bar in Lubbock.
Lubbock police said the victim, Zachary Kafer, 20, was stabbed to death early Thursday morning.
Investigators say 20-year-old John Allen, got into some type of fight with Kafer on the street and then started stabbing him several times.
The victims neighbors in Pearland were horrified when they got the news.
"We saw him just come home for the holidays and I believe only left maybe three or four days ago. So this is horrible stuff to hear. He has a younger brother," said neighbor Trey Preston.
Friends of the victim say Kafter played sports including hockey while growing up and went to Pearland high school.
As for the murder investigation, investigators say as of right now the motive behind the deadly stabbing is still unclear.
"Once again the most shocking thing is he was here, he was probably home for three weeks over the holidays and out playing basketball with his brother."
Police say witnesses were able to tell them where Allen went after the stabbing and detectives arrested him at his apartment about two blocks away.