Massive sinkhole opens up near house in west Houston

HOUSTON – A sinkhole grew right outside George McLellan's backyard. He shot video of the rushing water at the bottom, as the hole grew over the last 30 days.

"It's probably grown 300 percent in the last week and a half," said McLellan. 

The hole measured about 30 feet across. He said he first called the city and county.

"City sewer line on county property. Ping pong. 'Well it's not our problem, it's the county.' The county goes, 'Well it's not our sewer line.' So I got frustrated and that's why I called Channel 2 News. I figured somebody might be able to get something done," McLellan said.

Harris County confirmed it is a sewer line that is within the city of Houston's easement on the county property on Terry Hershey Park near Wilcrest. On Wednesday the county put up a cyclone fence to keep people out. 

"It's primarily a safety and health issue. We have a major, open sewer line that's been uncovered for a month. It stinks," McLellan said.

The City of Houston's Public Works Department confirms it owns the line. The department said engineers were aware of the problem and were working on a solution. 

McLellan said it cannot happen fast enough. 

"I'd just like to get it fixed. I mean, I got a pool on the other side of that fence and that's going to be a very expensive fix if it grows the way it's growing. By Christmas or New Year's, I may have a sinkhole in my backyard," he said.