Man run down on bike after ongoing argument in northeast Houston

A man is recovering after he was run down while riding his bike after an ongoing argument with another man in northeast Houston.

The victim, who didn't want to be identified, said an on-going feud between him Lonnie Eastwood only started a few days ago but quickly escalated.

Now, the victim has the cuts and bruises and the painful memory of two separate altercations and fighting back both times.

The victim said, "If I wouldn't have done that and coward away from the situation, they could've killed me."

The first happened when he asked Eastwood to leave his property after bothering a neighbor.

"He had picked up a brick and threw it and hit me when I was standing at the door, telling him to leave," said the victim.

The victim says he fought Eastwood off with mace, but the suspect left before police arrived.

The very next day, the victim says Eastwood spotted him riding his bike.

"He used his car to run time my bicycle to flip me into the ditch," he explained.

According to the victim, Eastwood and two others in the car, got out and jumped him while lying in this ditch.

"I landed on my back, and he was hitting me in the face, and I think the other guy came down and was stepping on my head. There was water. I think they were trying to drown me," the victim said.

Once again, he was able to fight them off with mace. Eastwood was later arrested.

The victim says he's just glad he was packing mace, which has now come in handy more than once.

"That turned the situation around completely.

Without that, I think they would be tried to kill me," said the victim.

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