Identity theft victim gets drug fraud charges expunged

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HOUSTON – Identity theft could happen to anyone, and as one Houston-area retiree found out, it's not only money they're after.

Deborah Ford was robbed in 2008 -- she walked into a service station and returned to her vehicle realizing a thief had struck.

Her purse, her driver's license, credit cards, checks, and even health insurance card was gone.

Ford did what most would do. She called the bank, the credit card company and she even called her health insurance provider to request a new card.

The unfortunate theft appeared to be just one of life's bumps in the road. But, it turned out though, it was a mountain. Ford went from victim to suspect in the blink of an eye.

HPD's Financial Crimes Unit did not handle this case, but Lt. Chris Lohse has seen this sort of thing before.

"The perpetrators who are engaged in identity theft, especially organized identity theft are always looking for a new avenue."

Ford received a phone call in 2010 from bond companies stating that there was a warrant out for her arrest. The charge was obtaining drugs by fraud.