Woman tracking movements of man who stole her SUV

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HOUSTON – Jhinna Salinas got a nasty case of road rash yesterday while trying to keep her black Lincoln Navigator from being stolen.

"It feels like pins and needles," she said. "That's where it started hurting the most but I landed pretty heavily on my knees."

Salinas, 20, held onto a side mirror, was dragged, fell and was run over as the thief sped away.

"I was terrified. He looked like he just didn't care if he would have killed me or ran me over," Salinas said.

It happened in the parking lot behind Game Over video games on Westpark Drive near Edloe Street. Salinas, who is in the process of moving, made a pit stop to grab some empty boxes from a dumpster behind the store and left the door open and the keys in the ignition.

"He was looking at me but I guess I didn't really take note of it. There's definitely places where I realized I could have been smarter to prevent this situation," Salinas said.

Salinas' cellphone was in the SUV. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise because now she can track and map his every move.

"This is his driving habit for today. He started off in Pasadena and then went to Jersey Village and now he's by the Medical Center and he drove in the same pattern yesterday," Salinas said. She has been in close contact with police.

"Keep a look out, people, if you see a black Navigator in that area," Salinas said.

The license plate on the stolen Navigator is BS77620.

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