Viral prank causes damage to local man's vehicle

HOUSTON – Teenagers are throwing themselves on cars and property and recording it in a new trend spreading around the web.

One Houston man was left with a big bill after several teens damaged his car.

James McHugh's BMW has part of its hood smashed in as  the result of teenagers engaging in a practical joke popping up on YouTube and social media.

"Put 'em in a coffin" is the latest social media-driven attention-getting prank where teens basically do a backward dive onto the hood of a car.

"They jumped on the hood and now the whole hood is caved in," McHugh said.

McHugh, 28, had both the hood of his white BMW and the hood his wife's car dented. He says his home security camera captured video of a group of seven young men walking up to his car last Friday on Plaza del Sol Park.

McHugh says the damage is going to cost him about $4,000.

"You work hard, and then to have that much money washed away for 10 seconds of laughter," he said. "It's very frustrating."

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