Brookshire mayor questioned over call to police

Police: Mayor Eric Scott claimed he was robbed

SEALY, Texas – The mayor of Waller County town refused to answer questions about an incident at a fast-food restaurant that involved officers from two police departments. According to a police report, audio and video recordings, the incident took place at a Whataburger in the town of Sealy and involved the mayor of Brookshire.

"Um, I have no comment," Mayor Eric Scott said when asked about the incident.

Video obtained by Local 2 Investigates shows Scott walking barefoot into the restaurant around 4 a.m. last December. There is no audio on the video, but after Scott is seen approaching an employee behind the counter, that employee is seen dialing his phone. Minutes later, three Sealy police patrol cars are seen arriving at the restaurant.

According to a Sealy Police Department report, Scott identified himself as the mayor of Brookshire and claimed to have been robbed. The report reads Scott claimed to have been "rolled" by "two unknown individuals" he met at bar and while parked behind a Dairy Queen in Sealy.

The officer wrote that when he asked Scott for more details he was "uncooperative" and "he would not disclose any information about the incident."

The officer also noted that while talking with Scott he "smelled the odor of alcohol coming from his breath and person." The officer wrote Scott declined to press charges and was told to call someone to pick him up.

On audio recordings obtained by Local 2, Scott is heard calling the Brookshire Police Department.

[Listen: Audio call from Scott to Brookshire Police Department]

Dispatcher: "Brookshire Police Department, how can I help you?"

Scott: "Who is this?"

Dispatcher: "This is Gloria with the Brookshire Police Department."

Scott: "Gloria, Gloria -- Eric Scott, the mayor. Who is on duty tonight?"

Scott is heard on the recording telling the dispatcher he was robbed and asked for an officer to come pick him up.

"I got rolled in Sealy and I am at the Whataburger and I need a ride back to Brookshire," said Scott.

The dispatcher then informs Scott an officer was on the way to the restaurant.

Scott: "OK, this is a secret."

Dispatcher: "OK."

Scott: "All right, hey, thank you."

Scott then calls Brookshire police a second time, stating he thought he was disconnected. The dispatcher informs Scott that a sergeant is driving to pick him up.

"Please don't tell anybody, I'm like humiliated I got rolled," said Scott.

On the video a Brookshire police patrol car is seen arriving at the restaurant and picking up Scott.

"As mayor, do you feel this is an appropriate use of taxpayer resources?" asked Local 2 Investigator Robert Arnold.

"Excuse me," Scott said as he drove away.

Local 2 tried a second time to ask Scott if he was a victim of a crime, why he did not file a report and why ask for an on-duty Brookshire police officer to drive 14 miles to pick him up. Scott again declined to answer any questions.

Local 2 also tried multiple times to speak with Brookshire police Chief Brandal Jackson, but he did return any calls.

Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis told Local 2 he is expecting the Brookshire police chief to file a report on this incident so his office can review what happened that morning.


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