Restaurant Report Card: Roaches and mouse droppings

Inspectors found a roach on the dish machine at the El Rancho Mexican Restaurant

HOUSTON – The buffet was bustling when we stopped by Cafe Ko on the feeder of the East Freeway near Normandy.

Before she took a bite, diner Ebony Madison asked consumer expert Amy Davis why we she was there. Davis told her about what the mouse inspectors found stuck on a sticky pad in the restaurant and mouse droppings.

"That's just entirely too unsanitary for us," Madison said. "There's all kind of restaurants up and down here. And we're regular customers, but I can't… I can't agree with that."

The hostess excused herself to call a manager, but after that phone call, she just told Davis to "come back next time."

On the Katy Freeway near Barker Cypress, inspectors found a roach on the dish machine at the El Rancho Mexican Restaurant. There was slime on the soda nozzles at the Black-Eyed Pea at 2675 Wilcrest.

At the Huynh Restaurant at 912 St. Emanuel St. downtown, inspectors said food kept in the warm fridge was "not safe for human consumption." They tossed it.

More food was discarded at T&C Donuts at 8245 Mills Rd. Inspectors said four pounds of sausage was "not safe for human consumption" because it was off temperature for more than four hours.

We're serving up A's this week to Table 19 in the 632 West 19th Street and Whataburger on the Katy Freeway near North Dairy Ashford. Kudos to both restaurants for their spotless inspections.

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