911 calls played in trial of accused drunk driver

Two people were killed and one other was hurt in the crash back in June 2012

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – Witnesses took the stand during the second day of testimony in the deadly wrong-way crash in Montgomery County.

But the video and audio evidence seemed to get the attention of the jury the most.

State prosecutors played 911 calls from witnesses and showed video of the defendant's truck traveling the wrong way on I-45 near The Woodlands back in June of 2012.

One witness who called 911 was heard saying, "A car was going the opposite way on the highway. They just entered the exit ramp and they just nailed a car."

The defendant, Nicole Baukus, is on trial and charged with two counts of intoxication manslaughter.

Baukus is accused of going to a bar back in 2012 and consuming 17 shots and four beers in less than five hours before slamming her truck into a sedan which killed two people instantly and injured one other.

Sources said Baukus' defense will be that she was drugged at the bar.

According to court records, she did have valium in her system the night she was arrested.

The state may rest their case as early as Thursday.