David Harris' Mistress Breaks Her Silence

Woman Involved In Fatal Love Triangle Gives Exclusive Interview

HOUSTON – Gail Bridges had been having an affair with Clara Harris' husband, David, for months -- an affair Clara says drove her to kill her husband. Bridges spoke to News2Houston in an exclusive interview Thursday.

The tragedy took place at the parking lot of the Hilton Hotel at Nassau Bay last year. But back in February, after Clara Harris was convicted of killing her husband, News2Houston asked the other woman in David's life for an interview.

Back then she declined. Seven months later, she called News2Houston's Cindy Garza and said she was ready to talk, but only under one condition -- no cameras, only audio.

Gail Bridges describes the night she and her lover, David Harris, were confronted by his wife, Clara Harris, in a hotel lobby -- the last night she would ever see him alive.

"What happened when you got off that elevator?" Garza asked Bridges.

"We were leaving the hotel and I was looking at David and I noticed all of a sudden his face changed. And I went to look at the direction, and then we saw her," Bridges said. "Soon after that, it all turned into massive turmoil, and the only thing that I could do was to yell for help ... for someone to please, please get her off of me."

Bridges says before Clara Harris was pulled off of her, Harris attacked her -- she pulled her hair, punched her head and face, and bit her. Bridges then walked to her car with David following.

"Did you see the car coming towards you?" Garza asked Bridges.

Bridges replied, "Yes."

"What happened?" Garza questioned.

"It's hard to tell. I could hear someone yell at me to get away from my car ... to get away and I didn't quite understand why until I turned and looked. That was when she struck me on my leg with the vehicle," the mistress said.

Bridges was thrown to the ground.

"I told him 'look, look what she done,'" Bridges said. "His last words to me were, 'I'm sorry, I'm so sorry' and then he lost his life shortly after that."

Bridges says that's when Harris came back around and hit David then ran over him repeatedly. She did not know David was dead until Lindsey, David's daughter who was in the car with her stepmother, approached her.

"What did Lindsey say to you?" Garza asked.

"'She killed my dad. She killed my dad,'" Bridges responded. "And at that point I knew I had to focus on her."

Bridges said she never saw this coming because Clara knew of their affair and David told his mistress he was leaving his wife.

Bridge's now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder -- flashbacks, nightmares and is on medication.

"A lot of women would say, 'I don't feel sorry for (you) because (you were) going out with a married man,'" Garza said.

Bridges responded, "The affair was wrong. I do not regret or will ever regret that I got to know him and that he became part of my life."

"He once told me that he would like to spend the rest of his life with me, and he did," Bridges said.

"If you had anything to say to Clara, what would it be?" Garza asked.

"This was an unfortunate tragedy and it did not have to end this way," Bridges said.

Gail Bridges told Garza that her heart goes out to the children, especially Lindsey, who was in the car and witnessed this tragedy that night.

She always said that David called Lindsey his angel and now David is her angel.

Bridges was very afraid of the television cameras. As soon as News2Houston walked into her home with a camera, she bolted into the bedroom and did not want to come out until the camera was gone.

Bridges told Garza that her life has never been the same since that night. She said she has been seeing a therapist, is taking medication and that her leg -- hit by Clara Harris' car -- still bothers her.

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