This is where Texas cities rank on the list of lowest, highest living costs in the US

Houses (David McBee/Pexels stock image)

Three Texas cities ranked among the top 15 for lowest living costs.

Analyzing the 75 most populous cities according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Move.org looked into the average living costs within each region basing its calculations on five costly living necessities.

Ranking first for being the most affordable city in the U.S. is El Paso.

According to Move.org, the Texas city’s rent prices were the lowest of any at $710 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.

The average monthly cost of living including utilities, internet, gas, rent and food totaled to $1,324.02.

Ranking fifth, Corpus Christi was deemed “an excellent choice for beach lovers on a budget” by Move.org.

The average monthly cost of living in the Texas beach city including all aforementioned expenses computed to $1,537.77.

Finally, coming in the fifteenth on the list is Plano.

According to Move.org, while the northern Texas suburb’s living costs are high compared to other cities on the list, Plano still beat other U.S. cities.

Its average monthly cost of living comes out to $1,752.63.

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