LIST: These are the people who won’t get a stimulus check during the coronavirus pandemic

Stimulus check scamming

HOUSTON – Last week, President Donald Trump signed the historic $2 trillion aid package amid the coronavirus pandemic. One provision of that bill means many Americans will get a one-time stimulus check depending on their income and other factors.

People who qualify will get $1,200 for an adult, $2,400 for a couple and $500 per child.

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The Internal Revenue Service announced Monday that in the next three weeks, it will be sending out stimulus check to people who qualify for aid during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, there is a large group of Americans and immigrants in the country who will not get a check. Business Insider compiled a list of those who will not get help:

  • People with incomes above $99,000 or single parents with incomes above $136,500
  • Dependent children over the age of 16
  • Dependent adults (including many college students between the ages of 19 and 23)
  • Anyone without a social security number
  • Nonresident aliens (immigrants who don’t have a green card).
  • Undocumented immigrants

For more information, you can visit the IRS coronavirus page.