What Texas says as Greenpeace protesters dangle from Fred Hartman Bridge over Houston Ship Channel

By Amanda Cochran - Social Media Producer

Greenpeace USA protesters dangle from bridge near Houston.

HOUSTON - As at least a dozen Greenpeace protesters hang out on the Fred Hartman Bridge, Texas residents have a few things to say about the situation. 

On KPRC 2's livestream on Facebook showing the situation, many people weighed in on what's happening. 



Among some of the more colorful responses, Ronnie Huebel simply wrote, "Target practice."

"Protesting fossil fuels by driving a gas-powered car and using products made from fossil fuels," another, Phillip Gomez, wrote. 

Another Facebook Live commenter, Cindy Fennell Cicchetti, wrote, "They arrived in a vehicle that used fossil fuels, right? The banners, fossil fuel by-products? Sneakers? Or is everything they use made out of grass?"

The protesters said in their Facebook Live that they walked onto the bridge. It's unclear how the protesters arrived at the bridge.

Erma Boles wrote, "Greenpeace USA ??? What is peaceful about this. All they have done is disrupted our traffic taken most of our police officers away from helping people who really need help. Leave them hanging their friends can help them get down. STOP BROADCASTING THESE FOOLS. THE ONLY THING I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THEM IS IF THEY FELL AND BROKE A LEG."








Here are some of the other responses to the protest on social media. 












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