Big game boar encounters: KPRC viewers share their feral hog stories

By Amanda Cochran - Social Media Producer

HOUSTON - Texas has wild boars in spades, from the woods to your backyard.

The boars are multiplying in record numbers. Be sure to watch the story about the wild Russian Boar explosion Tuesday night at 10 on KPRC Channel 2. 

However, in the meantime, take a look at some of your stories about the emerging porcine population. 

Here's what y'all said when we asked for your wild boar stories:

Wanda Meador There's a group of 3 sows and about 20 pigs that keep coming in my yard rutting. I dread mowing season.

Clay Fincher This sums it up.

Wildgame Innovations

Amanda Winter My husband went to retreive his arrow after shooting at one. He wasn't aware there were more, he didnt even hear them. Checked the game cam the next day! Dead downwind really works!

Amanda Winter

Robbie Bryant We've shot scores upon scores of them at my place on the Brazos River. They all deserved what they got, Swift and exact justice for deprecating tresspassers. No shortage of them.

J.D. Avriett My dad yesterday.

J.D. Avriett





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