Move over Elf on the Shelf: Santa can text your child this holiday season

(FreeImages.com/Julia Freeman-Woolpert)

Santa Claus is offering text message updates all through December, leading up to Christmas Day. 

Folks who sign up can expect to receive fun photos, jokes, and surprises leading up to the 25th from Santa. 

Why text messages? Santa Claus may be getting up there in age (1,749 years to be exact!), but as we approach 2020, he wants to let the world know that he's staying more relevant than ever before. 

"Mrs. Claus and I have been getting better and better at texting," said Claus. "The elves have been teaching us. We can even send emojis and GIFs now!"

Starting December 1, Santa will text approximately once every five days, then once a day in the week leading up to Christmas. 

To receive these texts from Santa, go here



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