Can this product really deck your halls without the hassle?

HOUSTON – If you love the look of holiday decorations and lights, but you're not so fond of ladders, tangled power cords and fire hazards, we may have found the perfect product for you. The Star Shower Window Wonderland projects holiday images onto your windows. It cost just $20 on HSN.


“The revolutionary new projector transforms regular windows into dazzling displays.”

The set-up:

You have to cover the inside of the window you want to use with a thin plastic sheet or screen that comes with the product. You can stick it to your window frame with adhesive that comes in the package. Then you simply aim the projector at the window and adjust the display. You can make the image vertical or horizontal. There are nine Christmas videos and nine Halloween videos included in the Window Wonderland.


The projected image from the Window Wonderland was not nearly as bright and vibrant as in the commercial. It was difficult to make out what the picture was because it was so dim. Still, for the small price tag, Craig and Lindsey Brann said they give it a thumbs up. You could also use the projector on a wall inside your home for Christmas or Halloween. It does need to be vey dark for the images to show up well.