‘It’s heartbreaking’: Doors at Heights Hospital locked because of nearly $1 million in back rent

HOUSTON – Employees at The Heights Hospital said they couldn’t get into the building Monday when they showed up for work.

“We came to work and we were locked out,” said clinical coordinator Barbie Ortega. “They wouldn’t allow us in the building.”

Two notices posted on the doors of the building at Ashland Street and West 19th Street said the locks had been changed because of unpaid rent. Both notices are addressed two LLCs. One indicates more than $322,000 in back rent, and the other indicates more than $948,000 in back rent.

“We weren’t able to get ahold of upper management and we also contacted the title company and they didn’t respond to us as well,” Ortega said.

She said patients still showed up so staffers took matters into their own hands, treating what they could in the parking lot.

“I’m thinking about this difficult time that we’re actually living in right now for the patients we cater to,” said Bobby Godfrey, director of finance. “They have to see their doctors weekly and so for them to show up today and couldn’t get the necessary care that they need, it’s heartbreaking.”

KPRC 2 left a message with the attorney’s office listed on the notice but hasn’t heard back yet.

The hospital’s website is currently down and some employees said they do not know if they will still get paid.