Houston Methodist Hospital has three infusion sites for COVID antibody treatment

HOUSTON – The Houston Methodist Hospital is now administering the FDA emergency use authorization drug, bamlanivimab.

The treatment is an injection of antibodies. It’s supposed to shorten the length and severity of coronavirus and help keep people out of the hospital.

There are three sites where the hospital offers monoclonal antibody infusions: Houston Methodist Hospital at the Texas Medical Center, Houston Methodist Sugar Land and Houston Methodist Continuing Care Facility near the West campus in Katy.

Since the hospital system started this therapy on Friday, they said 50 patients have been treated.

Sandy Zeluff said she was one of the first patients to receive this treatment. After her symptoms were getting progressively worse last week, she says she made a recovery within a day of infusion.

“No more fever, no more headaches, so I was delighted,” Zeluff said. “I could’ve easily been admitted to the hospital for oxygen supplement and whatever else down the road but thankfully that was prevented and hopefully the infusion was instrumental in preventing it.”

Patients must meet certain criteria to receive this treatment and can apply for this therapy or see if you qualify by calling: 346-356-3232.