First-time parents expecting triplets in a remarkable double pregnancy

Ultrasound shows Babies A, B, and C.
Ultrasound shows Babies A, B, and C. (Instagram: @deeandtplusthree)

Oh, baby... baby... baby...

After being told by a doctor that they would be unable to have children, a Pittsburgh couple is now expecting triplets in a rare double pregnancy, according to a Because of Them We Can (BOTWC) blog.

Antonio Livingston and Dee Michelle announced their pregnancies on Instagram, also sharing their infertility struggles.

“Last year, my doctors told me that I wouldn’t be able to have kids and would need surgery,” Dee wrote on Instagram. “But God said otherwise and gave us three healthy babies along with a completely healthy mother!”

The parents-to-be are experiencing superfetation, an instance in which a second, new pregnancy can occur during an initial pregnancy, Healthline Parenthood explains.

According to a friend of the expecting mother, one baby was conceived six days before the others and is fraternal while the younger siblings are identical.

The parents are temporarily identifying the triplets as Baby A, Baby B, who are identical twins, and Baby C who is the fraternal sibling.

According to an Instagram post by the couple, Babies A and B are at risk for Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), a prenatal complication in which one baby can receive too much blood while the other receives too little, Healthline explains.

Despite the high-risk nature of the pregnancy, the expecting parents are hopeful of a healthy delivery.

“We are believing that all three of our babies will be healthy, equal in size, and have no complications," Dee wrote on Instagram. "They made it safely through the first trimester without any complications, so we believe that the second and third trimesters will be the same! Please continue to pray for us and our babies as we have a long journey ahead of us!”

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