Know Before The Low: program for type 1 diabetes aims to reduce low blood sugar emergencies

Initiative aims to help diabetics better manage condition
Initiative aims to help diabetics better manage condition

You’d never know by watching her perform, but singer/songwriter Crystal Bowersox has been living with type 1 diabetes since she was six.

“It’s a daily balancing act between food and insulin and exercise and stress,” Bowersox said.

Sometimes no matter how hard she tries, she said her blood sugar will still get low.

“So a mild low blood sugar is something I can treat myself, I can do to my fridge get some juice, and I’ll be okay,” Bowersox said

But a low blood sugar emergency is a different story.

“When I need my support network to step in and help me if I’m unable to help myself,” she said.

That’s what her national campaign ‘know before the low’ is all about. She teamed up with endocrinologist Dr. Gregory Dodell to remind those with diabetes to be prepared for an emergency.

“Symptoms can be sweating confusion irritability, those are the more mild to moderate symptoms,” Dr. Dodell said.