How to keep your kids from developing bad habits during quarantine

ORLANDO, FLa. – Preschool-aged children in the U.S. consume 30% of their daily energy in the form of sweet or salty snacks and sugar-sweetened drinks.

Right now, with everyone at home, kids may be in front of the television more than ever and snacking and TV may be a hard combo to break.

Snacking while you watch your favorite show may seem harmless, but studies show that kids who eat in front of the TV are more likely to consume unhealthy foods. Now, social scientists are examining patterns related to children’s snacking behaviors while watching TV.

Out of the 47 low-income parents interviewed for the study, all of the parents reported that they routinely let their preschool-aged kids eat mostly unhealthy snacks while watching TV, and some said their children didn’t like to eat snacks unless they were watching TV.

To combat this, experts said to designate a snacking zone, like the kitchen, and encourage snack-free viewing while watching TV.

Limit snacks throughout the day and don’t snack within two hours of mealtime. Snacks should be healthy foods, such as fruits, veggies, yogurt, or whole-grain products.