Local hospital using experimental drug treatment in hopes of saving lives of COVID-19 patients

HOUSTON – Because there is no known cure for COVID-19, doctors around the country are experimenting with treatments in an effort to save lives.

One top doctor at at United Memorial Medical Center said a cocktail of drugs used in the past to treat major infections is proving 100% success with his COVID-19 patients

That treatment is a combination of cortizone, large doses of vitamin C and a blood thinner. Dr. Joseph Varon says it shows great promises for treating COVID-19.

“To date, we have 0% mortality at United Memorial Medical Center. Zero percent. I know it’s too good for people to believe in this but it’s working," Dr. Varon said.

The drug protocol isn’t new. He said it’s been used for years to treat cases of sepsis.

Currently, a dozen patients are being treated with it at his hospital. He said 20 others have been treated and released.

One of the patients treated was Missouri City Councilman Jeff Boney, who spent seven days in ICU due to COVID-19, but was released April 5.

“All I can do is look at the fact that I’m standing here right now and feeling very well and knowing how I felt before I entered into ICU, his regime, what they did for me and the doctors and the medical staff did for me worked for me,” Boney said.

Dr. Varon admits the treatment is still scientifically unproven, much like hydroxychloroquine, the malaria drug touted as a game changer by President Donald Trump.

But Dr. Varon is collecting data along with other doctors who are using the same treatment.

“I am hoping that other people have the same result that we have. We have a consortium of five intensive care doctors across the united states that are using this same protocol and we all have very similar results,” Dr. Varon said.

Larger, longer, double blind studies will be required to determine if the treatment is safe and effective for everyone or to see if it has unknown side effects.

But Dr. Varon compares the current crisis to being at war as casualties mount daily.

“Yes there is a need to do a study and all the things that people say. But at this time, if I see that something is working I’m not going to let my patients die,” he said.

Dr. Varon said the national Coronavirus Task Force, under the command of Vice President Mike Pence, has contacted him and currently examining his data.