Houston-area woman with coronavirus describes symptoms, medical advice and isolation from family

HOUSTON – Keisha Lyles is among Houston-area’s more than 500 coronavirus patients. Friday, she shared her experience so far with KPRC 2 so others may be better prepared to handle it.

“I have a humidifier here, I have my own personal bathroom, I have some vitamins,” Lyles said in a video chat.

She says at first, she thought when her fever came and went, that she was in the clear. Then other symptoms started showing up.

“I noticed that I started to develop a dry cough, which I’ve never had a dry cough before,” said Lyles.

Lyles said that cough and a tightness in her chest prompted her to get tested at a site in north Houston. Four days later, she got the bad news — positive for COVID-19.

“From the four days I’ve been playing with my son, spending time with my family that’s here, my father lives here, he’s 61,” said Lyles, who lives with her husband, three sons and father.

Lyles is also asthmatic and went to the ER when she started having trouble breathing.

“I was definitely scared,” Lyles said. “You see everyone get all ‘bio’ed up,’ you know, with the masks and everything. It felt like a freak show to be honest.”