3 tough questions about coronavirus answered by a Memorial Hermann doctor

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There is a lot to unpack as the nation is faced with a health crisis due to the coronavirus.

KPRC 2 spoke with a health expert Dr. Angela Shippy at Memorial Hermann Hospital. She answered some of the top questions about the spread of the coronavirus.

Q: Seniors are the most vulnerable to coronavirus, doctors say. The concern is those with underlying medical problems face a greater risk of developing severe life-threatening complications if they catch coronavirus.

How should they decide whether or not to go to the doctor’s office?

Shippy: They should call their doctor first. They will walk through their symptoms with them and let them know whether it’s time to seek care from their physician in the office or if they need to go to the hospital to be seen.

Q: If a person gets coronavirus once, can they catch it again?

Shippy: Coronavirus is a family of viruses so we can expect that it may be like some of the others in the family but we are learning right now. It won’t be until all of this is over that we can tell you what immunity looks like.

Q: If someone is exposed and is under self-quarantine, can they still be around other family members in the home?

Shippy: Doctors say to stop the spread you have to isolate yourself. Pick your favorite room in the house. I’m sure everybody will let you have the one you want. Stay there. Have everything close to you that you need. If people need to bring you something they can bring it but stay and not have direct contact.

Depending on your symptoms, Shippy said you’d treat them with the same remedies or over the counter medications you’d use if you had those same symptoms with a cold or the flu.


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