Can antiviral medications work to treat coronavirus?

Researchers are racing to develop a vaccine for novel coronavirus in wake of cases throughout the world.

HOUSTON – Infectious disease doctor Jill Weatherhead from Baylor College of Medicine said antivirals, like Tamiflu used for the flu, are being used in experiments with coronavirus patients but scientists don’t know if those medicines could work in everyone.

“Tamiflu is unlikely to work for Coronavirus because they are different viruses. Tamiflu works differently for influenzas, then it would for coronavirus but it’s certainly possible that an antiviral would work once it’s developed and tested within the community,” Weatherhead said. “There are trials being done, as I mentioned, in Washington state, where they’re trying different antivirals to see if there’s any benefit.”

Unfortunately, to know if that works, will take a long time.

she says the only treatment they know can keep it from spreading right now is for people to stay home from work and school, self-quarantine and wait for the virus to run its course.

The health department addED they want to monitor patients to keep them from getting worse and worse, which could lead to complications where problems may arise.

Doctors agree they would want to keep the patient comfortable and give respiratory support.