Hospice nurse with breast cancer fired while on leave for treatment

Woman terminated due to health reasons, woman's husband says

(Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)
(Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

A hospice nurse who had to undergo radiation treatments as she battled breast cancer was fired from her job while on leave.

Chrissy Ballard said she’s devastated over being fired because she really loved her job, and to make the hit harder, she was terminated two days after receiving an anniversary card from her employer, thanking her for her service.

“I’m in the middle of radiation right now,” Ballard told CNN. “I’ve had a complete pathological response to the chemo treatment, which was TCHP, had surgery back in August, and have 11 more radiation treatments to go, so that’s good news.”

Ballard took leave almost as soon as she began radiation treatment, per offering from her employer.

“It was said, ‘Hey, we want to immediately put her on leave so she can draw her short-term disability’ — for that I was very thankful, but after that, there was zero conversation about what an accommodation would look like,” said Matt Ballard, Chrissy’s husband.

Matt said he’d spoken regularly with Chrissy’s employer throughout her treatment.

“It was very supportive up until, I think, about two months into her leave,” he said.

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