How to avoid flu at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

HOUSTON – In the middle of one of the worst flu seasons in years, thousands of people will be coming together for the rodeo.

Dr. Robbyn Traylor, chief medical officer from Next Level Urgent Care, says that increases your chance of coming into contact with viruses.

While the number of flu hospitalizations are going down, experts watch what the flu does in the Australia season, because they have their flu season before us. There, they had a second peak so Traylor said to be cautious because the virus can live on everything we touch: handrails, door handles, etc.

“The worst thing that you could do is have contact with all of those things in the community and then forget to clean your hands before you go to eat,” she said. “It's so dangerous when you present your dirty hands to your eyes, nose and mouth.”

Even though cases of the flu are going down, the virus is not gone and Traylor warns it could come back.

“We are still prepared to treat people who have influenza in Houston, we are in a lull now but flu is actually still pretty prominent,” she said.

Traylor said a flu shot can still be helpful for the unvaccinated. It might not be a guarantee to avoid getting sick, but it's also weakening the virus to make this easier to endure. Plus, it helps protect weakened immune systems around you, like kids under two and adults over 65.

If you get the flu, it really takes a toll on your immune system. That weakens us for when the next thing comes along, often pneumonia or a sinus infection.