5 foods to eat in September

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As we transition to fall, there are hearty, bold flavors found in nature that also transition us. Before we get to cranberries and pumpkin season, think pears and figs for this time of year.

Registered dietician with Advice for Eating, Brittany Link, said now is the time of year you need to boost your immunity.

“All five of these do that and they're all ripe and seasonal as well,” Link said referring to bell peppers, arugula, celery root, figs and pears.

Packing the biggest vitamin C punch: bell peppers.

“Bell peppers are a great source of beta carotene, it's the precursor, so you need it to have vitamin A which is great for skin health and eye health,” Link said.

Arugula can help with bone health as it’s loaded with vitamin K and calcium. It also has vitamin C.

“I do love it in salads especially this time of year when we start to want something a little heartier but it's too hot to really cook too much still,” Link said.

When you're craving a creamy starch, the best September surprise is celery root.