Texans want Whataburger instead of turkey this Thanksgiving🍔🦃

Whataburger's Southern Bacon Double Burger. (Whataburger)

HOUSTON – Craving fast food for Thanksgiving? You’re not the only one!

A study by Casino.org suggests that many Americans want out with the turkey and dressing and in with the burgers and fries for the holiday season.

According to data from a survey taken by 2,000 Americans, Whataburger is the most Googled fast food chain amongst Texans during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Why, you ask? About 40% of participants from the Lone Star state said they don’t have the time and another 40% find it too expensive to cook for Thanksgiving dinner. Another 30% confess to being too lazy, the study revealed.

Texans craving Whataburger instead of turkey this weekend, study suggests (Casino.org)

Participants from 16 states across the nation recognized McDonald’s as the #1 top-searched fast food chain on the holiday. And Wendy’s clinched the honor as the second most googled fast food chain for the big holiday, according to six states. Five other states embraced Burger King as it’s the third most popular fast food chain, according to the Google Trends analysis. KFC chains captured the taste buds of three states, making it the fourth most popular chain for the Thanksgiving holiday.

In-N-Out, Bojangles and Popeyes shared a three-way tie for fifth place, nationwide, the study revealed. Six fast-food chains share the sixth place -- Jack in the Box, Wawa, Domino’s, White Castle, Whataburger, and Papa John’s.

Methods for collecting data

To find the most searched fast food chain, Casino.org used Google Trends to analyze the search volumes for “fast food” chains in the week leading up to Thanksgiving day in 2022.

A nationwide survey of 2,000 U.S. residents was conducted in November 2023 to discover their reasons behind the Thanksgiving meal swap. The average age of respondents was 38.2 years old. The representative sample was comprised of 56.0% female, 41.5% male, 2.1% non-binary, 0.3% transgender, and 0.1% other.

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