Here’s how you can get paid for not making cheesecake this holiday season

Cheesecake (Pixabay)

The Kraft Heinz Company will pay you $20 not to make cheesecake this holiday season amid a shortage of cream cheese which includes its Philadelphia Cream Cheese brand.

On Wednesday, Philadelphia Cream Cheese launched a campaign to ditch cheesecake this holiday and instead “Spread the Feeling” by opting for other desserts.

In an ad uploaded to the Philadelphia Cream Cheese YouTube channel, brownies, cupcakes, or cookies are suggested alternatives.

To further promote the campaign, Philadelphia Cream Cheese is offering $20 digital rewards to cover the cost of these holiday desserts.

At 11 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, Dec. 17 - 18, the firsts to reserve their spot to claim a limited dessert reservation on will receive a unique one-time use link to buy any dessert with dated receipt between Dec. 17 - 24.

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