Get ready, Coogs! Turkey Leg Hut to serve famous turkey legs, other popular dishes at TDECU Stadium

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HOUSTON – Prepare for your mouth to water, Coogs!

Turkey Leg Hut will bring its delicious, world-renowned turkey legs and other popular dishes to TDECU Stadium beginning Sept. 18, according to the Houston Press.

Houston Press said the new food stand will be in the stadium located at 3875 Holman in the East End Zone.

From the shrimp alfredo-stuffed turkey leg to the Cajun bowls, Coogs fans will be able to enjoy it all.

According to the report, owner and co-founder Nakia Price moved from Chicago to attend the University of Houston on a basketball scholarship, earning her Bachelor of Science degree from UH’s business school.

The TLH is a Houston favorite to a number of celebrities, such as Kevin Hart, James Harden, Supa Cent, Lil’ Baby and more.

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