McDonald’s rolling out 5 frozen drinks this summer

McDonald's Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry (McDonald's, McDonald's)

HOUSTON – Participating McDonald’s in Houston are rolling out five frozen drinks this summer, the restaurant chain announced this week.

The Minute Maid Pink Lemonade Slushie is coming back, along with four other frozen drinks available for the first time in Houston.

• Frozen Coca-Cola

• Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry

• Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry

• Minute Maid Pink Lemonade Slushie

• Minute Maid Strawberry Watermelon Slushie

Minute Maid Slushies will be available for a limited time, while Frozen Coca-Cola, Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry and Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry will be available year-round at participating locations. Customers can try the five frozen drinks at a participating local McDonald’s via carry-out, Drive Thru, the McDonald’s app or McDelivery.

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