This is where Houstonians say they get the best brisket

Brisket (BrisketU)

Texans sure do know a lot about their barbecue.

We asked our audience which restaurants fire up the best brisket in the Houston area and received hundreds of recommendations.

Places like FireCraft BQQ, Corkscrew, Pinkerton’s and Tejas Chocolate+Barbecue were notably popular among Houstonians.

After digging through all the comments, we created a map featuring the most recommended barbecue joints.

Popular catering recommendations that couldn’t be marked on the map include FireCraft BBQ, A-Que Lister’s Smokehouse BBQ & Catering, Daddy Duncan’s BBQ, and Lucky7cookers.

Here is where to get the best brisket in Houston, according to KPRC viewers:

Big Horn BBQ

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