Takeout Shoutout: Texas Roadhouse in Katy is ready to fulfill all your steakhouse cravings

HOUSTON – The Texas Roadhouse is a true Texas steakhouse that serves delicious, flavorful steaks at a moderate price.

They pride themselves on selling a wide variety of tasty foods with a nice kick of rich flavor.

They have professional butchers on the property who fresh-cut their beef daily and they will gladly serve you fresh-cut steaks prepared any way you like. They also have packaged raw meat if you’d prefer to cook it yourself at home.

What we love about Texas Roadhouse is, first of all, the delicious steaks and ribs, but also their generosity and sense of community. Since the coronavirus outbreak, the CEO of this company agreed to not take any salary this year and instead put that toward paying his employees.

Locally, Texas Roadhouse crew members have also been serving food for free and giving it away at local school parking lots to people in need.

If you are looking for a delicious, well-priced, ribeye, filet or sirloin, then the crew at Texas Roadhouse would love to serve your takeout order.

Location: 20840 Katy Freeway

Phone number: (281) 829-2400

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