Where2Eat: These are some of Pearland's residents' favorite places


PEARLAND, TexasWhether it's date night or you just want to find a new place to eat, sometimes settling on a spot can be an ordeal. We took a look through Yelp! and found the highest-rated restaurants for your neighborhood. Our "Where2Eat" series will show you the hot spots in your area.

Here is where Yelp! reviewers like to eat in Pearland:

Killen's BBQ

Where: 3613 East Broadway
Rating: 4.5 stars
Number of reviews: 2061
What people are saying:  “Hands down the best BBQ I've ever had! The pork belly appetizer was amazing, great flavor. We had the beef ribs and brisket along with many of their yummy sides. The mac and cheese is a must! I doubt there is anything on the menu that isn't absolutely amazing.” – J W.

“What can I say about Killeen's everyone knows how great they are. The food is great the service is fast. I think the most important thing is no matter how big they get they will remember your name even when you haven't been by in a while.” – Caleb A.

“Best BBQ I've had this far! Beef ribs are a must-try! And bread pudding. Always a wait. If you're lucky and go around 2 p.m. the wait is much shorter but that's if there is anything leftover. I've ordered a large order for a party. So worth it!” – Sheila R.

Central Texas Style BBQ

Where: 4110 Broadway St
Rating: 4 stars
Number of reviews: 378
What people are saying: “This is real BBQ folks!! When you walk into a true Texas BBQ restaurant, you smell the smoke!!! We do not want to go anywhere else for BBQ chicken as it is amazing. Love the sauce also.” – Bridgette J.

“The BEST! I wasn't a big fan of loaded potatoes till I tried these. Amazing location, great for big parties and it's quick since you get in line to get your food. Great portions everything is delicious!” – Mariaa T.

“Wonderful BBQ. Every single meat that we ordered was tender and juicy. The meat was so good, it did not need the sauce although the sauce was very good (not too tangy, sweet, or spicy). The rice was excellent with tiny olives in it. Worth the price and the customer service was excellent.” – Nathaniel H.

Pearland Coffee Roasters

Where: 4106 Broadway St
Rating: 4 stars
Number of reviews: 235
What people are saying: “I love that this coffee shop got remodeled. It's definitely more spacious and has that hipster vibe. My only complaint is the lack of outlets and how they're super limited here with the spacing of the tables. It makes it hard for you to stay here for long periods of time to get work done. Otherwise, great place and good coffee.” – Victoria N.

“I love this place. It reminds me of a New York coffee house or something. Hustle and bustle especially on the weekend. And their coffee is amazing. Prices are a little high for the size of cups you get, but I get it. Good stuff!” – Tara P.

“This is one of my all-time favorite coffee shops! I always order an iced miel and it's always delicious. The baristas and other customers are very friendly. It's a great place to study or catch up with a friend. Anyone in the Pearland area should stop by if they get the chance.” – Rachel K.

Zero Degrees

Where: 2570 Pearland Parkway, Suite 130
Rating: 4 stars
Number of reviews: 186
What people are saying:  “I love this place! This place has nice things to offer. I really like their milk tea and fries. The place is easy to see, and the staff is also really nice. It’s also a clean place.” – Bethany G.

“This location is small in size but sooo cute! … The menu has some delicious options! Completely in love with the Hot Cheeto Elote. My drink was a strawberry bliss with boba and it was super sweet but the flavors were on point!! Can wait to go back for A Thai tea and another Hot Cheeto Elote.” – Megan P.

“Greeted as soon as we walked in. The cashier was friendly and the service was fast. The Mangonada is always tasty and the watermelon slush was refreshing.” – Thao M.

Super Bowl Asian Cuisine & Tea House

Where: 4310 Bailey Road, Suite 106
Rating: 4.5 stars
Number of reviews: 142
What people are saying:  “Wow! This place was fantastic. The hours are a bit crazy but completely worth it if you can go. The interior is very charming and very family oriented. The owners decorated the interior with (what I assume) their children's medals in martial arts. We were served by their teenagers and they were very charming! This only added to the family owned and operated vibe.” – Pia S.

“This place is so amazing! I've had so many different dishes and every single one is delicious … The place is family-owned. It is nice and clean. The food always comes out pretty quick as well. They have chocolate fortune cookies! I highly recommend this place!” – Kathlyn L.

“Excellent Lunch. Loved the place, and their Devil Tonkotsu Ramen and Mango Green Tea were excellent. Great Service and supporting local businesses that are doing things right.” – Moises S.

Atchafalaya Crawfish

Where: 2202 N Main St
Rating: 4 stars
Number of reviews: 119
What people are saying: “Always soo good and flavorful. The price is great. The potatoes and corn are always on point with seasoning and the crawfish is big and juicy, seasoned perfectly. This is my go-to spot for crawfish.” – Adrienne C.

“Finally found a crawfish place in Houston with authentic Louisiana crawfish! So yummy, tender, & perfectly seasoned! Houston is filled with Asian style crawfish with all the garlic butter and seasonings on the outside. But I've been on the hunt for traditional LOUISIANA seasoned crawfish-- extra juicy! And I must say that I have finally found the place! Only bummer is that they're not open on Mondays.” – Meme B.

“Very delicious crawfish.  We got eight pounds of crawfish! I also got a half-pound of shrimp. The shrimp was good as well, just the portion was too small.” – Nora W.

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