5 tips for creating the ultimate backyard sanctuary

Expert offers ideas to make sure your outdoor gatherings this summer are second to none

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With warmer weather on the horizon with the arrival of spring and summer months, many are looking forward to spending quality time in their backyards or decks.

But when relaxing or having visitors over for cookouts, it’s often a better experience when you have the right decor in your backyard.

Sarah Fishburne, director of trend & design at The Home Depot, offers five tips to creating the perfect backyard sanctuary.

1. Furnish for comfort

No matter how big or small your space is, maximizing the comfort of it is always desirable. Stylish, customizable patio furniture is a great way to transform your patio experience into a relaxing or entertaining area.

2. Decorate with textiles

Decor items such as outdoor throws, lamps and other accessories can help create a space that is inviting, relaxing and unique. Anchor a seating area with a stylish outdoor rug or add pops of color with new cushions and pillows.

3. Add ambience with lighting

Proper lighting can enhance the mood of a space and make tasks such as grilling easier. Lighting is also typically easy to install and can be paired with existing fixtures on a home. String lights are one way to enhance the lighting of a backyard space.

4. Grow seasonal plants and veggies

Perennials can be the main foundation of your garden or landscaping because they’re lower maintenance and come back year after year. Annuals are also a good option if you wish to experiment and reinvent your outdoor living space each year. Vegetable and herb gardens are also great activity for you and your family. Plus, they can thrive in small spaces.

5. Eliminate or control bug problems

From flying insects to creepy crawlers, bugs can really put a damper on your backyard plans.

Lighted mosquito repellers or spray that can be applied are good ways to eliminate or greatly minimize the presence of bugs.

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