Beyoncé tickets: How to help yourself score seats, per Ticketmaster’s tips

FILE - In this Feb. 12, 2017 file photo, Beyonce poses in the press room at the 59th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. The pop star scored multiple Grammy nominations Tuesday, making her the leading contender with nine nominations. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File) (Chris Pizzello, 2017 Invision)

HOUSTONBeyoncé's Renaissance World Tour is the hottest ticket in H-Town -- and across the world -- and tickets are now on-sale for some folks on Tuesday.

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Ticketmaster has opened the BeyHive Presale for the Houston shows and there’s an advance sale for Citi card members. The next sales -- starting on Feb. 9 -- begin for the Verizon Up Presale and Verified Fan Onsale. You can get information on those sales here.

Get the best chance

So how can you increase your chances of scoring tickets? Ticketmaster has a number of tips. Here is information from the ticket sales website:

“Arrive 10 minutes early and complete these steps so you’re ready to go before the sale begins:

  • Sign in to your account in advance to speed up your purchase later.
  • Check that your payment info is current so you can breeze through checkout.
  • Event details can vary. Check for important details like ticket limits before the sale. Just tap More Info next to the event name, top of page.”

Check Ticketmaster for the latest updates

Here is a great page to check back on for Ticketmaster’s latest updates. It seems Ticketmaster is trying -- or at least appearing to -- learn from the Taylor Swift ticket debacle of 2022. Its latest information is that registration for all groups -- BeyHive, Citi and Verified Fan -- is closed, a lottery process will determine which verified fans receive an access code for the waitlist and emails will be disseminated the day prior to your sale date.

Did these tips help you get tickets? Let us know what works -- and what doesn’t -- in the comments below.

The reality of the situation

Look, we know not everyone is going to get tickets. Ticketmaster has acknowledged this in black-and-white on its website and they’re trying to let us all down relatively easy: “Fan demand exceeds the number of tickets available by more than 800% based on the registration numbers in the Group A cities. It is expected that many interested fans may not be able to get tickets because demand drastically exceeds supply.”


Can I get tickets -- ever?

There’s always the resale ticket market, but expect those prices to be much higher than the initial sale. For more on how ticket prices and fees are determined, go to this explanation by Ticketmaster.

A warning for y’all

Also, be aware of the very real potential for shady ticket-buying situations. Be careful, y’all. We regularly report on scams or other difficulties that come up around shows with this kind of demand, so let us tell you now: If it sounds too good and looks too good to be true, it just might be. Think before handing over your cash or your credit card information. Not everything is as good as it seems.

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